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  • Is your farm organic?
    We consider our farm to be "beyond organic", due to far exceeding the USDA definition of Organic Farm. We have never used pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers since establishing our grazing operation.
  • What do your animals eat?
    Our livestock are pasture-based, grass-fed, with year round mineral and water available as free-choice. We also offer supplemental hay, protein, and minimal grain as needed during winter.
  • Are your animals registered breed stock?
    Most of our St. Croix Hair Sheep and Royal White Hair Sheep are available as registered breeding stock. Occasionally was have a few unregistered animals available for purchase for market use, feed out, and consumption. Most of our Katahdin Hair Sheep are unregistered commercial animals.
  • What is the difference in registered and unregistered animals?
    We treat all of our animals to the best grass grazing available with minimal supplementation - whether they are registered or unregistered animals. They all receive the same management strategies of rotational and adaptive grazing practices. The only difference in our registered animals is the use of DNA tissue testing for parentage to provide accurate pedigree information to the respective breed associations. With the purchase of a registered animal, you will receive access to a pedigree from the breed association.
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